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Mayor Rafy Surillo
Mayor Rafy Surillo

Yabucoa History

        Yabucoa is a small town in eastern end of the island, near  Humacao.

Up until the 1970s, Yabucoa was basically a mountain town with little shows of progress and many farms. Some rich farm owners and affluent people lived there, but Yabucoa's population was made up mostly of humble field workers. The only way to access Yabucoa from Bayamon, Ponce and other main cities was through the newly built Caguas to Humacao expressway. Most Puerto Rican travellers to Yabucoa had to drive through Humacao to get to their destiny.

In 1980, a large fire consumed the largest supermarket in Yabucoa, a Supermercados Coop branch. This fire made headlines in Puerto Rico. In 1989, the WBO held Yabucoa's first major sporting event, the world championship boxing bout between Orlando Fernandez and Julio Gervacio. Fernandez won by knockout in round twelve of the Puerto Rican boxing commission's fight of the year for that year.

The 1990s brought industrilization for Yabucoa, and several companies moved their headquarters there. That, aided with the building of a new freeway that connects Yabucoa to San Juan by way of Fajardo, helped the city's economy flourish.

Famous Yabucoans include Orlando Fernandez, world champion boxer, Pepita Diaz, teacher.


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 MAYOR  Hon. Rafy Surillo  
 FOUNDED  October 3, 1793
 POPULATION  39,246 inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Yabucoeños
 CITY KNOW AS  City of Sugar


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