JCDiaz.Net Website Advisor


1.  How can you use your site to attract new clients?


To answer this question, you must first know how many new prospects turned into clients from initially first visiting your site. Measuring this traffic can be done in a few ways:


  1. Create a contact page on your website that allows visitors to submit a request for information.
  2. Add a newsletter sign-up form on your website allowing visitors to register for your newsletter using their email address and contact information.
  3. Ask new contacts where they first learned about your business. Keeping track of where your new business comes from will help you focus your resources on the most productive prospect stream. Some may say they found you via your website while others come from word-of-mouth, advertising, driving by your business, etc.


Then ask yourself:


2.  Are your prospects able to find you online?


What search terms would they use to find a new accountant? These search terms will help you improve your website. Try out the logical search terms. Does your firm show up on page one of the results? Page 1? Page 2? etc.

There are also proactive measures you can take to make your website more visible. The search terms (keywords) should be prevalent in your website. These keywords should be used in your page titles and in the text on each page.