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Mayor Evelyn Delerme

Mayor Evelyn Delerme


Vieques History

            Vieques is a lovely Caribbean island located between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It is about 21 long x 4 miles wide with an area of 33,000 square acres. Fanned by the prevailing easterly Trade Winds, it is blessed with a sub-tropical climate marked by a mean temperature of 77 degrees in December and 81 degrees in June. The actual population is around 8,000 and the island is separated from the southeast coast of Puerto Rico by about 6 to 8 miles of sea, although the actual crossing distance from the mainland via ferry from Vieques is 18 miles. Vieques is not an "action spot" with casinos and glitzy highrises but rather a peaceful place to relax and enjoy natures bounty. There are dozens of secluded beaches, shell grounds, coral reefs, archaeological digs, horseback trails in the inland hills and mangrove lagoons that serve as nesting and gathering places for 123 species of birds.

There are also historical monuments, concerts and festivals, but it's the 9000 people who make it special. With a rich heritage of Tanio, Spanish, Afro, Danish, French, British and US backgrounds, the Viequense are easygoing, slow to anger, friendly and tolerant.

Vieques offers amenities, such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and horseback riding.

Hotels in Vieques range in price from inexpensive to luxurious. Alternatives for dining in Vieques encompass casual fare and gourmet cuisine with a Caribbean twist.
If shopping for art you will find several galleries that show the gamut from primitive to abstract.

Travel to Vieques is easy-no passport needed if you are a US citizen. This tiny island is just off the coast of Puerto Rico and is one of the least crowded in the Caribbean. Vieques, or la Isla Nena, as it is sometimes called, is a wonderful place to take your next Caribbean vacation. Come see what it has to offer-it is truly the Enchanted Isle.


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 MAYOR  Hon. Evelyn Delerme
 FOUNDED  1843
 POPULATION  9,106  inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 TOWN'S PATRON SAINT  Nuestra Seņora del Carmen
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Viequenses
 ISLE KNOW AS  Isla Nena (Girl Isle)


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 Accommodations at Vieques

Casa Cielo
(787) 741-2403

P.O. Box 310

Vieques, PR


Casa del Frances

(787) 741-3751

Box 458, Esperanza

Vieques, PR


 Hacienda Tamarindo

(787) 741-8525

Route 996, Km. 4.5

Vieques, PR


Hix Island Houses

(787) 741-2302

La Colina del Sol

Vieques, PR


Inn on the Blue Horizon

(787) 741-3318

Vieques, PR

Jane's Vieques Guest House

(787) 741-1165

North Shore Road

Vieques, PR


Ocean View

(787) 741-3696

Box 124

Vieques, PR


Sea Gate Inn

(787) 741-4661

Bo. Fuerte

Vieques, PR


 Trade Winds

(787) 741-8666

P.O. Box 1012

Vieques, PR


Crow's Nest

(787) 741-0033

Road 201, KM 1.6 P.O. Box 1521

Vieques, PR


New Dawn Caribbean Retreat

(787) 741-0495

Vieques, PR


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