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            Juncos is located in the eastern central region of the island, it is bordered by: Gurabo, Carolina and Canóvanas to the north, San Lorenzo and Las Piedras to the south, Gurabo and San Lorenzo to the west, and Las Piedras to the east.

 In 1782 the inhabitants of the Juncos area requested of the secular and ecclesiastical courts the transfer of the Parochial Church that was located in Las Piedras to the Juncos area. They asked to be allowed to organize a new town separate from Humacao. The request for the formation of the new town of Juncos was accepted by the government and on August 3, 1792 the temporary governor Don Francisco Torralba issued the order for the town to be founded. Don Tomás Pagán Gracia was named the first mayor of Juncos. By request of Don Tomás Pizarro (from neighboring Las Piedras) the new town of Juncos was erected on August 2, 1797. At the time it had a parish dedicated to Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, celebrating the first mass on September 8, 1797. Later the construction of streets and a public plaza took place.
According to history, in April of that same year, Puerto Rico was attacked by the English. Several residents of Juncos in addition to 323 citizens of Arecibo and Cayey defended San Juan from the foreign attacks.
Little by little they paved streets, built a cemetery and the population grew. By 1894 the population of students was already 589 boys and 593 girls. In 1898 the town underwent many changes. At the request of the United States all citizens that occupied positions for the Spanish Government could continue to work, and those that did not want to continue could resign. Immediately afterwards the mayor Francisco Escuté resigned. On October 1 of that same year a new mayor was named, Ricardo A. Martínez. All the rest of the city council resigned. Including Claudio Calenti, José Costa, Bartolomé Palou and Miguel Mújica because they were Spanish citizens. The residents were agreeable with the appointment of Mayor Martinez and on October 13 named Agustín Collazo as the municipal sindicate (town recorder and collector of fines) and Primitivo Delfaus as the municipal accountant.
In 1912 the "Arcelay Cinema" was constructed. Nowadays this restored historical monument exists thanks to Mayor Gilberto Conde Roman (1996) where today social and cultural activities are celebrated to benefit the town. The first library was named Rosa González Toledo. In 1924 the Asociación de Beneficios Mutuos was created.
Nowadays Juncos is credited with another historical creation, the modern library in honor of José M. Gallardo who was Secretary of Education. For many years this library, which before was a school, was a testament to education for the future of the town. Juncos throughout the years, has been improving as a city for the benefit of its people, forming customs and traditions paced with the times.

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 MAYOR  Hon. Alfredo "Papo" Alejandro
 FOUNDED  August 2, 1797
 POPULATION  36,452  inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 TOWN'S PATRON SAINT  La Inmaculada Concepción
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Junqueños
 ISLE KNOW AS  The City of Valenciano


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