My Medications List - Version 6.0.1 

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April 19th, 2010
Operating System
MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
Medical Software / Medications database
Installation Unzip to a temporary directory and run MyMedsList.exe

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Description From Publisher
 My Medications List helps you keep track of your medicines, total your medication costs by month, quarter and year along with having plenty of room for jotting down important notes about each of your medications such as "No Alcohol", "Take with food", etc... It also has an area for general notes such as your pharmacy and doctors names and phone numbers.  Has functions to eMail, Fax or print out to take with you both prescription refill requests for your pharmacy and prescription renewal requests for your doctor.  These days every medical professional you come in contact with, even your dentist, wants to know what medications you are taking so now you can just print out your list to carry with you for such cases.

JCDiaz About My Medications List - Version 6.0.1
      For a long time I used MS Office templates and then Excel to kept my information about my prescriptions for my conditions. My Medications List tracks prescription information, including dosages and costs, prescription inf., even it can take care of my Supplements and Over the Counter Medicines. My Medication List it’s very easy to enter information. Just tab through the boxes or use your mouse. You do not need to read the help file to find out what goes in all the fields. I like the notes field for each medication. I use it to enter the provider, special instructions, and reasons for taking this medication instead of a less expensive alternative. Something the MS Office template I was using didn't allow for. The general notes field is a great place for entering contact data, allergies, and chronic conditions. This freeware is an inexpensive option for any user who needs to manage all your medications and supplements.

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