Free AIA Billing Software Ver. 1.1

AccuBuild Texas
June 14, 2011
Operating System
MS Windows XP/Vista/Windows7
Accounting Software / Construction Billing
Installation Download Run SetupPaymeeV4.exe


First Window Screen Shot
Publisher's Description
100% Free AIA Billing Software for constuction companies print on G702 and G703. Developed by construction professional. No registration required, No Spyware, No Malware, Unlimited Jobs, Unlimited Invoices, No Restrictions. If you are tired of creating AIA billing applications in excel or by hand then you have reached the right place. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not. Download Free AIA Billing Software today and see for yourself. The only free AIA billing application on the internet.
What's new in this version: Reduced size of buttons and resized left side of screen. Reformatted the formatted output for pre-printed G702 & G703 AIA Pre-printed forms per the 1992 Form Specifications. The Billing Screen has been enhanced. The Billing Screen will now display the line items in order by item number. Added new Update History menu option to the Help Menu for tracking program update changes.
Description From JCDiaz.Net
This software is free but advertisement revenue is made by the small advertisement window on the right side as you can see in the first screenshot.
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