UltraDefrag (32-bit) Ver. 6.0.2

May 17, 2013
Free - GNU General Public License, GPL.
Operating System
MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/NT 4
System Administration / Open Source Defragmenter
Installation Download ultradefrag-6.0.2.bin.i386.exe and Run


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Publisher's Description:
   UltraDefrag speeds up the computer by defragmentation of files.
When files consist of many little fragments scattered around the disk the computer needs more mechanical work to read them. Because of that the disk access becomes slower.
UltraDefrag reduces the file fragmentation, thus it makes disk operations faster. Also the program can optimize a whole disk by placing small files close to each other, sorted by path (or other criteria). After the disk optimization less mechanical work is needed to read groups of small files. This reduces startup times of many applications including web and photo browsers.
In contrast with the most other disk defragmenters UltraDefrag can defragment locked files by running during the Windows boot. Actually all files including page and hibernation files can be defragmented there.
Also UltraDefrag aims to be fast, simple, reliable and efficient.
Description From JCDiaz.Net:
  UltraDefrag has a simple interface that will look familiar to anyone who's used this kind of software before. We clicked the Analyze button, and the program quickly performed an analysis and displayed the results in a cluster map. We then clicked the Defragment button and UltraDefrag did its thing. We decided to check its results by running the native Windows utility; oddly, that program reported that we needed to defrag our disk, even though we just had. We returned to UltraDefrag and ran its Optimization feature. This took quite some time, but when we were done, the Windows utility confirmed that our disk no longer required defragmenting; UltraDefrag had done a thorough job. The program has a fairly detailed online Help file, but it's definitely geared toward people who already have some familiarity with the concepts of defragmenting and optimizing your hard drive.  UltraDefrag (32-bit) installs and uninstalls without any problems.
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