TurboCash4 Ver.

Dynamic Bottom Lines
February 26th, 2010
Free GPL
Operating System
MS Windows 98/XP/Windows7
Category/Type Accounting Software
Download TCASH430Setup.exe and Run


First Window Screen Shot
turbocash12 (110K)
Publisher's Description:
     TurboCASH comes with no cut down features, no copy protection, no cover contract, no annual licence, no forced support contract, no specially-priced enterprise versions, and no cost to you.
If you run a small business in Cape Town, or a multi-national enterprise in New York, you get the same full program. You are free to copy TurboCASH, install it as often as you like and on as many computers as you want.
Join over 150,000 (and growing) businesses who have downloaded TurboCASH and enjoy quality accounting software for FREE.
TurboCASH is the world's most popular free fully featured, multi-company, multi-user accounting system. Unlike other accounting software, TurboCASH is free of copy protection, annual license fees and forced support contracts. Join over 30 000 businesses successfully using TurboCASH. TurboCASH modules include: General Ledger, Cashbook, Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Report Writer, Point of Sale, Payroll and eCommerce.
Description From JCDiaz.Net
    I am an experience Accountant, For many years y use accounting software for small business like Peachtree and QuickBooks. As the year pass they star to be expensive, and to much commercial. Daily updates, weekly updates and year updates.
Turbo Cash is a fully-featured competitor to Peachtree and QuickBooks Pro.
 It supports:           
  1. Multiple languages and many different countries
  2. Point of sale
  3. Invoicing reporting and analysis
  4. Inventory and stock pricing
  5. Barcodes
  7. Trial balance
  8. Batch operations
  9. VAT accounting
  10. Multi-user and access control
It's one of the most comprehensive free accounting programs.
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