Sylpheed Ver 3.1.4

April 2012
Operating System
MS Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
Internet - Email Client
InstallationDownload Sylpheed-3.1.4_setup.exe and Run


First Window Screenshot
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Publisher's Description:
    Sylpheed is an e-mail client and news reader based on GTK+ GUI toolkit, and runs on X Window System. It features the automatic filtering of new messages in INBOX folder of IMAP4 account was implemented, junk mails are now filtered when incorporating from local spool, and UTF-8 is forced for headers instead of substituting characters if the code conversion failed.
   What's new in this version: Version 3.1.4 fixed bugs that cancelling editing contact on address book results in click-and-drag behavior with newer GTK+ and Yahoo Mail IMAP server and Microsoft Exchange IMAP server were made.
Description From JCDiaz.Net
   I used Outlook Express for years. Once I finally had to give up XP, naturally I had to find a replacement. So I tried Thunderbird, which would have been okay except that there's no Outbox -- stuff gets sent immediately, with no "send later" option -- which is a fatal flaw for me. All the other programs had one fatal flaw or another. Finally tried Sylpheed, which fixed everything. VERY grateful for the program.
* Comfortable operationality which is built in detail
* Immediately available with minimal configuration
* Lightweight operation
* High reliability
* Internationalization and Multilingualization support
* High-level Japanese processing
* Various protocols support
* Security features (GnuPG, POP3/IMAP4/NNTP over SSL/TLSv1)
* Powerful filtering
* Junk mail control
* Flexible cooperation with external commands
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