Tux Paint Stamps 2009.06.28 - Stamps Add-on for Tux Paint

April 05, 2011
Freeware -  GNU General Public License (GPL)
10.42 MB 
Operating System
MS Windows 2000/XP/7
Children Drawing Software
Installation After download Run tuxpaint-stamps-2009-06-28-win32-installer.exe


First Window Screenshot
Publisher's Description:
The Tux Paint Stamps 2009.06.28 tool is add-on 'stamps' collection of rubber stamps or stickers. It lets you paste pre-drawn or photographic images (like a picture of a horse, or a tree, or the moon) in your picture.
As you move the mouse around the canvas, an outline follows the mouse, showing where the stamp will be placed, and how big it will be.
There can be numerous categories of stamps (e.g., animals, plants, outer space, vehicles, people, etc.). Use the Left and Right arrows to cycle through the collections.
Some stamps can be colored or tinted. If the color palette below the canvas is activated, you can click the colors to change the tint or color of the stamp before placing it in the picture. Stamps can be shrunk and expanded, and many stamps can be flipped vertically, or displayed as a mirror-image, using controls at the bottom right of the screen.
Different stamps can have different sound effects and/or descriptive (spoken) sounds. Buttons at the lower left (near Tux, the Linux penguin) allow you to re-play the sound effects and descriptive sounds for the currently-selected stamp.

Description From JCDiaz.Net
Tux Paint Stamps from TOYAMA Shin-Ichi is a collection of special stamps for Tux Paint that make the program even more fun and educational for your children.
Animals, people, houses, cars, planes, boats, sports, flowers, food and much more. Tux Paint Stamps brings you a huge variety of new, cool options.
Installation of Tux Paint Stamps is very simple. Just download and run the application and your new stamp options will appear under Tux Paint's stamp menu. You'll also be able to pick and choose the stamp categories to be installed.
Tux Paint Stamps are a cool pack of stamps that make the hugely popular drawing program even better than ever.
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