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Mayor Víctor M. Ortiz Diaz

Mayor Víctor M. Ortiz Diaz


Gurabo History
        Gurabo is a small town of Puerto Rico. It is bordered by Caguas, San Lorenzo, Trujillo Alto and, to the north-east, Carolina. Gurabo's history dates as far back as the 1600s, when Gurabo was actually part of Caguas. Then, the area was known as Burabo. By 1700, transportation, medical and economic trouble were crippling the population of the Burabo area; traveling to Caguas' center for business and medical help was not easy and took hours. This led to many of Burabos citizens to seek for the area to gain autonomy.

       It would be long, however, before Gurabo was separated from Caguas. The separation movement was brought forward by a 1812 meeting of all 168 family leaders in Gurabo, who decided to have Luis del Carmen Echevarría lead them in their quest for autonomic independence, based on the large number of residents in Burabo.

       In 1815, Gurabo became a municipality. In 1822, the first Catholic church in town was erected. In 1903, the First Baptist Church opened its doors in Gurabo town.

      Gurabo is known today for its famous stairs. Located in town center, the stairs are about twenty two floors high, and they are painted in bright colors. The cross an important business area of Gurabo.

Maps And Pictures

Gurabo Barrios  Gurabo Mayor Office   Gurabo Museum

 Gurabo Town #1   Gurabo Town #2    Gurabo Town #3

Gurabo Town Square     Gurabo Town Square #2  

 Gurabo Escaleras    Gurabo Escaleras #2




 MAYOR  Hon. Víctor M. Ortiz Diaz  
 FOUNDED  1815
 POPULATION  36,743 inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Gurabeños
 CITY KNOW AS  The Town of the Stairs


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