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Aníbal Meléndez

Mayor Anibal Melendez

Fajardo History

          Fajardo was founded in 1760, 1773 or 1774 (depending on the authority) as Santiago de Fajardo. It was one of the locations used by the Americans to invade Puerto Rico. On August 1, 1898 the USS Puritan under the command of Captain Frederic W. Rodgers, was sailing by the coastline of the city of Fajardo, when Rogers noticed the "Faro de Las Cabezas de San Juan" (Cape San Juan lighthouse) which was supposed to be the landing site for the US Army in Puerto Rico. Rodgers ordered some of his men ashore, which included Puerto Rican volunteers, with the mission of posting the American Flag atop the lighthouse.

     Fajardo is one of the most originally beautiful spots on the island's shores. Fajardo is a major boating center, with a wide range of rentals and charters available, with daily and sport-diving excursions as well as scheduled ferries and air service carrying passengers and cargo to Culebra and Vieques. Puerto del Rey Marina, home of 750 ships, is the largest in the Caribbean.

Fajardo's beautifull beaches are bounded by calm, clear water ideal for snorkeling, Seven Seas Beach, offers plentiful water sports facilities, offshore points for sailing, snorkeling and plenty of scuba diving.
Las Cabezas de San Juan in Fajardo is one of the most important natural areas in Puerto Rico. Las Cabezas, which means "headlands," refer to 3 promontories that extend into the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive representation of seven different ecological systems including coral reefs, beaches, lagoons, mangroves and dry forest within its 316 acres/128 hectares. The preserve is home to many endangered species. A 19th century lighthouse (built in 1880), known as "El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan", beautifully restored by the Conservation Trust, caps on of these. The lighthouse has an information center and observation deck, from which you can have a breathtaking view of El Yunque.


Fajardo Barrios   Fajardo Church  Fajardo Ferry  Fajardo Street

Fajardo  Light House  Seven Seas Beach   Las Croabas Beach

Las Cabezas de San Juan




 MAYOR  Hon. Aníbal Meléndez Rivera
 FOUNDED  1760
 POPULATION  40,712 inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 TOWN'S PATRON SAINT  Santiago Apostol
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Fajardeños
 CITY KNOW AS  The city of the rising sun


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 Accommodations at Fajardo

Anchor's Inn
(787) 863-7200

Route 987

Fajardo, PR


El Conquistador

(800) 468-8365

1000 El Conquitador Avenue

Fajardo, PR


Fajardo Inn

(787) 863-5195

52 Beltran St.

Fajardo, PR



Las Casitas Village

(787) 863-1000

Las Croabas 1000 Conquistador Ave.

Fajardo, PR


Las Delicias Hotel

(787) 863-1818

449 Union Street

Fajardo, PR


Parador La Familia

(787) 863-1193

Route 897, Km 4.1, CH-00867

Fajardo, PR


Scenic Inn

(787) 863-5195

Box 4309, 52 P. Beltran, Puerto Real

Fajardo, PR






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