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Mayor Gilberto

Mayor Gilberto "LEX" Camacho Parrilla


 Ceiba History

       Foundation: Luis de la Cruz founded Ceiba on April 7, 1838. The name derives from the Taíno word "seyba", a native tree of Puerto Rico "ceiba pentandra". It is admired because of its powerful architectural grayish trunk, which has thorns. Its roots can extend for miles. There was the belief that at some time there was a forest of these trees and for that reason the town was named after them. Though Ceiba is also known as the town of the Soup Eaters (Come Sopas), there is no official reason why the Ceibeños are so called.

The town of Ceiba was part of the Fajardo district until the May 12, 1838. To separate themselves from Fajardo, a local group of the population wrote to the governor. Although they had some opposition, they finally obtained their separation in 1838.
Ceiba served as home to the U.S. Naval base Roosevelt Roads. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the construction of the facility in 1940 and it was finished in 1943. It has served as a training base for Navy ships and aircraft since World War II.


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Ceiba Barrios  Plaza Felisa Rincon   Ceiba Mayor Office

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 MAYOR  Hon. Gilberto "LEX" Camacho Parrilla
 FOUNDED  1838
 POPULATION  18,004 inhabitants (Est. 2000)
 TOWN'S PATRON SAINT  San Antonio de Padua
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Ceibeños (Soup Eaters)
 CITY KNOW AS  Marlin City


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