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Hon. José Ramón Soto Rivera

Mayor - Hon. Jose Ramon Soto Rivera



Canóvanas was formerly a "barrio" (ward) of Loíza for 200 years. In 1909, the Municipal administration was transferred to the new town of Canóvanas, with Juan R. Calderón as its first mayor.
The name of Canóvanas comes from a local Taíno cacique called Canobaná (Canovanax). According to history, this Cacique did not join the Taíno rebellion against Spain and remained an ally.
Barrio Canóvanas was for two centuries an agricultural zone where sugar cane was cultivated and sugar produced in mills belonging to several local families; the Zequeira, Gambaro, Calderón, and later, families of Irish origin; the Seary, Quidgley, Soegard, Skerret, and others.
Other wards of Loíza (which later became part of Canóvanas) were those in the rural, mountainous parts of the municipality; Hato Puerco, Cubuy and Lomas. Hato Puerco is mentioned in Municipal Protocols as early as 1827.
The 20-acre (8.1 ha) plot of land where the city of Canovanas was constructed was purchased by Don Luis Hernaiz Veronne, a townhall Senator and local farmer. The site location was strategic, to intercept traffic on the old Spanish Road #7 (then Road #3 from San Juan to Fajardo), and from Loíza to the towns of the Caguas Valley (Caguas, Gurabo, Juncos), through the actual Road #185. This allowed Canóvanas access to commerce and communication networks and the city rapidly developed and progressed.
In 1970, Loíza and Canóvanas were separated as municipalities and the old rural wards of Hato Puerco, Cubuy and Lomas, as well as Torrecilla Alta, a former sugarcane workers colony next to the old Central Canovanas, were all incorporated into the new municipality.



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 MAYOR  Hon. José R.(Chemo) Soto Rivera
 FOUNDED January 1,1910
 TOWN'S PATRON SAINT  Nuestra Señora del Pilar
 PEOPLE KNOW AS  Canovanenses
 ISLE KNOW AS  City of the indians


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