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Becoming an Access Point Owner

Conditions to Become an Access Point Owner

  • People with a PC and fixed internet connection, and have some basic computer skills.
  • People who live in built-up areas or run a shop or similar business.
  • People who can set up a wireless LAN


Why Become an Access Point Owner

If you have an Access Point and run a store or other similar establishment, FC2 WiFi can be used to provide your customers with Wireless Internet Access and thus promote your store.

Also, while users need to acquire an FC2ID to login, Owners can connect to WiFi simply by entering a special Owner's password after selecting their SSID.

Also, while FC2 displays advertisements at the top of browsers while connected to the FC2 wireless LAN, these advertisements will not display on the owner's computer.

Is there an Owner Contract Expiration Period

A. No. The service can be terminated when you want to end it.

Please note, you will be required to return the router when ending the service.


About the Router

Q. What Kind of Router will I be sent if I Become an Owner

A. The router you will be sent is an external router that can be placed somewhere in your home or establishment.

Q. Are There Rules as to Where the Router can be Placed?

A. Please refrain from placing the router, cable and other electrical products in hot, humid areas such as bathrooms, and connectors and similar small parts out of the reach of small children.

Please also refrain from placing it in any area that could cause electrocution or fire, or have adverse effects on electrical equipment.

The router must not be placed in any of the following areas.

  • Areas with high magnetic fields, or static electricity. (May cause damage)
  • Unstable or sloped areas. (May cause damage due to falling)
  • Areas in direct sunlight or around open flame or heat. (May cause damage or deformation)
  • Areas with possible electrical or water leakage. (May cause damage or electrocution)


Q. Can the FC2 Router be Setup Easily?

A. Yes, you can setup the router by connecting the LAN cable and the electric adapter.
A setup guide will be sent along with the router.

Q. How fast is the Connection?

A. This may vary depending on the surrounding physical or connection environment.

Q. What is the Transmission Range?

A. This varies depending on the shape and material of the surrounding building(s).
If the WiFi device does not appear to be transmitting a network named "FC2WiFi", then it may mean that you are outside of the effective range.

Q. I'm planning on moving. Is there a procedure I must follow?

A. If you are going to move you are required to inform us of your new address, security key and your router's MAC address.

*Please note, that moving the router to another address without informing FC2 is a violation of our rules.

Q. My Router Broke. What should I do?

A. Please contact us with your security key (12 character code on the router) and your router's MAC address.

*Please note, Owners are responsible for any costs associated with repairs or delivery.

Q. I Want to Send my Router Back.

A. Please contact us with your security key (12 character code on the router) and your router's MAC address.

*Please note, Owners are responsible for any costs associated with returning the router.

Q. Is PPPoE supported?

A. We currently do not support PPPoE. We are looking at supported PPPoE in the future, but have not sorted out the finer details.


FC2 WiFi Jargon

Access Point (AP)

A. The location that users can connect to FC2 WiFi's free LAN connection.

Access Point Owner (AP Owner)

A. The person who sets up the FC2 WiFi Router, or manages the access point.


A. Service Set Identifier.
This is an identifier for the AP of the wireless LAN. To put it simply, it's the network name. The Access Point SSID for FC2 WiFi users to connect to will be "FC2 WiFi(Free)".

The AP Owner, however will have a separate SSID to connect to the Access Point to. This will be written on the documentation that comes with the router.


A. Advanced Encryption Standard.
This is a next-generation encryption standard.

Security Key

A. This is a key that is used to unlock the wireless LAN transmission data. In other simpler words, it's a password used in the wireless settings.


A. WiFi Protected Access.
A standard to encrypt wireless LAN. WPA has higher security than WEP.


A. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Pre-Shared Key.
This is an encryption key which is shared before transmission between the access point and devices.

MAC Address

A. Media Access Control Address.
Each network device is given a MAC Address. This is the physical address of the device.


A. This is the service that users connected to the FC2 WiFi wireless network can use. Users connected to the same Access Point are able to communicate with each other.


A. The device that is used to transmit between devices in a network. The FC2 WiFi Router is lent out to Owner's free of charge.


A. WiFi refers to Wireless LAN Transmissions.
If you bring a WiFi supported device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. to an Access Point you can connect to the internet.

FC2 WiFi supports "IEEE 802.11g" standards.